Friday, September 2, 2011

Riley Davis Update!

Thank you Lord Jesus for your quick response to prayer. Thank you all who began praying for this boy. Riley is still in the PICU but I wanted to share with you his mom Mary's update from today (September 2):

Happy 13th Birthday to you my sweet Riley! Today is a great day. Thank You for all the Birthday wishes that came to Riley today. Ri became far more alert today with much movement. His breathing showed so much improvement that his breathing tube was able to be removed. He is alert, and speaking a bit. I had no doubt, that today would be the day! Dialysisis today also, has been cut back some. Our Rock star is moving in the right direction. Ri has received all your great mail, and gifts..So great, Thank YOU! But today was kept low key. Riley agreed we would have a celebration, tomorrow or the next day, and do it right. Thanks Everyone! I expect bigger and better news come the days ahead. Lots Of Love, Mary WooHoo ; )

I also wanted to give you an update on Trinity (Mason's sister on his mom's side). She finished all her intrathecal chemo a month or two ago and has been doing fabulous. She is still getting chemo treatments by IV every other week which will continue until April. She has had hardly any side effects from the chemo so praise God for that. She is still bouncing around full of energy and has very little nausea. She did lose most of her hair but still looks like an adorable little pixie. Please keep praying that she gets through this with no side effects and no infections. Also pray for strength for her mother (Nevada) because Triniti is a spitfire and when she is put on steroids (every chemo treatment) she can get out of control.
Thank you all again who continue to pray for sick children and for God to be glorified through their illnesses.